Memorial For Karen Lee Hunt


Hi Lisa,

I have been playing it more often as we approach the anniversary,
but I like your idea, and I know Karen will too.
Therefore I will be playing it every Noon and Midnight from
Thanksgiving through January 1, 2009. 
Karens picture is on my office wall and I think about her everyday.
Spoke with Bob Hunt last week and many events are planed for the anniversary.

Thank you,

Dave Kaspersin

At 01:24 AM 11/16/2008, you wrote:

Hi Dave,
I was just searching thru my emails and came across this exchange between us.
This year marks the 20th anniversary of Pan Am 103.  I am wondering if you might 
be able to play Karen's Song every day December 1 - 21?  
20 years later, and it still seems like yesterday.

Warm regards,


 Hello.  I was a sorority sister of Karen's at Syracuse.  With today's verdict, 
I was taken back to that day in 1988 and have been following the various links 
on the internet until I got here.  I was definately moved by the song and 
the poem and have also visited Lockerbie and the Garden of Rememberance.  
I have been told many stories like yours over the past 13 years and definately 
believe that Karen and all of the rest of our loved ones and friends who were taken 
on that flight touch us and even strangers in different ways each day and will 
continue to in the future.  Thank you for sharing your story.


 Your daughter was beautiful, and I feel very sorry for your loss. 
A friend of mine was on 103. Mike Doyle.  A terrific guy.  He was a co-worker as well.
I'd flown home on 103 on 12-9-88, my 33rd birthday, 12 days before.
I'd flown 103 many times that year.  Mike and I were working
on a project in the UK together.
Prior to his trip to the UK, we'd discussed about how much fun it would be
to travel over together and back.
I decided not to go over that week.  I spoke to him last around 12-19 or 12-20.
They say that cowards die a thousand deaths, a hero dies but once.
The same may hold true for survivors.  Nonetheless, I'm thankful for being alive, for having
three beautiful kids, two of whom wouldn't have been born but for a stroke of luck,
and I wish that justice will be served for those who have been lost.


 Hi, I was a Pi Phi with Karen. We pledged together (recolonizing
sisters).  I think about her and the other Pi Phis often. I have many
pictures from our sorority days that I treasure. The site is excellent and much appreciated.


I think this is a moving page.  I am overall saddened by the tragedy and 
will forever remember this young woman. 


I am so very sorry for your tragic loss, of such an obviously beautiful person, inside and
out.Our neighbor was the co-pilot, and it really hit home personally in our neighborhood.
From what I remember, he wasn't even supposed to be on that flight, he was supposed to
work through Christmas, but was able to switch days off, and flew home as a surprise to his
family.  He left behind two small children. I still remember, even 11 years later.
I will never forget. 


 I remember vividly the exact moment of this devastating event...I was watching TV and
our programmes were interrupted with an emergency message for the emergency services
to attend an aircraft accident in and around Lockerbie.
It was a numbing thing to father was a commercial pilot at the time
and it wasn't a nice thought.
Your sight and Karens beautiful poem brings home the tragic losses involved and
brings me to see that there is some hope for the humanity to be seen in us all.

Deep regrets.....Jon

Dear Peggy & Bob,
I was one of the "lucky" ones who survived Syracuse's ill-fated London trip abroad
in the Fall of '88.
My friend Carolyn (Price) convinced me to stay abroad for the holidays.
We were in Switzerland when we were told the horrid news
and initial reports were vague and erroneous with regard to the names of the victims.
Anyway I'm terribly sorry for your loss.  I didn't know Karen personally,
but she looked like a gorgeous, nice person that I would've liked to have been
friends with.
I'm convinced that Fate took the very best of the bunch; those who were too good for this world.
Carolyn and I had tried to make a memorial book for all the families in the years following
the tragedy; but we only received about half of the photos we needed,
so we never quite completed the project.
Anyway, God bless you both.  I hope time and loved ones have helped you heal and go on living.
I'm sure Karen would've wanted it that way. 


 Black Cloud of Tears
 I rain a storm of tears,
 like the tears that drip from the leaves,
 for those who marched so happily,
 to their unforseen day of doom;
 who were robbed of glorious futures,
 through no fault of their own.
 I rain a storm of tears,
 but to others, it's just another storm.
 My insides burn with a tornado's fuel,
 at Government,Man, and God.
 I think the world should shake,
 with the weight of such horrid news;
 but the world goes on around me,
 continuing its zooms.
 I rain a storm for those who loved them,
 for they're walking corpses themselves.
 I fear what this will lead to,
 a new phobia of the unknown.
 I rain a storm of tears...
 ..but they leave mere puddles in the street.
 (L.F./New Year's Eve '89/ on a train bound for nowhere)

Bob, Peggy, and Robyn....  I haven't spoken to or seen you in
years, but I just wanted to say "HI" and let you know that I was very moved
to see this site.  I remember the morning that my mother woke me extra early
so that I could be with her and my brother as they watched the news
broadcasts.  My father was already at work.  I was never really close with
Karen because of our difference in age, but I still felt an overwhelming
feeling of grief that still is with me today when I think about what
happened.  I hope the years that have went by since Karen's passing have
eased the pain of her loss.  I have to say to Robyn specifically.... The
first day I saw you in the halls of high school after this happened, I
didn't know what to say.  I might have said some generic words of sympathy
like... I was sorry for your loss, but I want you to know that as a friend,
I really do give you my deepest heartfelt sympathy.  I don't know what else
to say except that you are all in my thoughts.  


I can imagine you keep feeling the loss of your beautiful daughter.
All goodwilling people hope that justice will be done, but this will not bring back your
loved one. She has a special place in your heart as long as you live. Be determined to give
room in your heart to people around you and also stay open to meet new people.  


A truly shocking, heinous crime.

I can only hope the current trial proves it worth, and bring some relief to the victims'

I also hope the perpetrators receive the full punishment under the law in this world,
but incur the wrath of God in the next. 


Very moving. Made me cry. I went to Syracuse, lived in Europe for six years, have an
11-year-old daughter who I cannot imagine losing. Can't write anymore, all choked up. 
Best to you. Your daughter is obviously dearly loved still.